Casting sculpture requires being prepared for anything and the courage to have a go. This can lead to some interesting discussions in the workshop as the team brings their ideas and experience to the project. One such debate was taking place one morning when I arrived at the foundry. Our most recent project had just […]

Long ago, in the mists of time, visitors to the foundry, if not rare, were few and far between. Any new visitors who did venture in usually left with a lump of wax in their hand. “Have a go” I would say ” Make something you like and I’ll cast it for you”.  That’s how […]

Euston station holds an important place in my life. We go back a long way. My London arrival and my London departure. Memories of greeting friends and of goodbyes. Awkwardly trying to spot someone I’ve arranged to meet for the first time among a sea of strangers. Hours spent waiting or frantically racing to catch […]

“Black Swan” by Glasgow sculptor Kenny Hunter will be spending the next few months on display in Liverpool’s up and coming Baltic Quarter. From its perch on Jamaica Street Plinth, our giant visitor silently looks down on the busyness of everyday life and the rapidly changing neighbourhood. kenny-hunter The artist was invited to make Black Swan for […]

Who knows where the work will take us next … what adventures await? That’s the fun of it, I remind myself, as we return from a couple of days spent in Turkey installing a monumental sculpture by Bushra Fakhoury, whose work tells tales of magic and myth. The installation was indeed fun, though not always funny. […]

This photograph was taken by a friend we met in Oslo and the recent arrival of this wintry scene brought back warm memories of last summer. After months of casting, welding, hammering and grinding “Head”, by Norwegian artist Marianne Heske, slowly emerged from our Liverpool studio. The giant doll’s head which surface mapped out with painted […]

It’s not often we get to install sculptures on our own doorstep. But occasionally … Last year we were invited to create and curate the first outdoor exhibition space for sculptures in the Baltic Quarter, home of our Liverpool studio. For the last six months, the plinth has been the temporary home of three large […]

A few years ago we decided to launch our very own foundry newsletter. We had the good fortune to work with artist Stephen Charlton, and thanks to his help and guidance “Crucible” was born. Our vision was a “melting pot” of news and stories from the foundry and the sculpture world. Ambitious, but we had […]