CFA ingotsThis month the foundry celebrates twenty five years of casting. Who knows how many sculptures we’ve made in quarter of a century; no one’s counting but is has to be thousands. How many tons of bronze, melted and poured? Countless ingots fed into the furnace to be transformed into art. 

There is an intensity to casting bronze. A raw power that turns the temporary into the permanent. Fragile wax into hard metal. Entrusted to our hands, the artist work becomes our work, our responsibility. Our process is about detail and care. The repetition of daily routine interrupted by more memorable events like the completion of a project or the start of a new one. Like any of life’s journeys there are always challenges to face; skills and lessons to learn. Projects and deadlines that come and go, bringing moments to celebrate. 

We all have our own memories to recollect; our own stories to tell. But this daily routine is the essence of our business. It makes for consistency and reliability. Skills evolved over time through daily practise by people it has been my privilege to work with. Collective knowledge, generously shared.

As we celebrate this landmark for our foundry there is one thing I can boldly claim. Pretty much everything we’ve ever made together is still out there for all to see. The enduring results of our endeavours and dedication to our craft. A wonderful legacy shared by everyone, far and wide, who has played their part in our journey so far. 

Happy Christmas and a Creative 2016 to all!

crucible ingots

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  1. My imagination has already been fired


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